The laws about circumcision ears in Pennsylvania

In January 2009, the Pennsylvania House passed a bill that supporters of the law call cruelty to animals. This law has been a sharp reaction to the killing of 80 dogs Ammon and Elmer Zimmerman, breeders in Berks County, Pennsylvania. While it was perfectly legal to kill a dog in Pennsylvania. Rather than deal with this issue, the House went after the "issue of cruelty."

This so-called cruelty comes from docking tails and claws race and haircuts ears Dobermans, boxers, Danes and any other dogs that are recognized by these features. These features of the breed – that is what the American Kennel Club considers the characteristics of the breed standard. In other words, showing a Doberman dog must meet the required standards, including the ears that stand upright, trailing a tail and no dew claws.

You can, of course, show a Doberman or other breed that can not be cut or trailers, but the dog will not be very successful champion of the show. Winning dog shows – is how breeders prove the value of their stocks and maintain the integrity of the breed. Dogs champions guarantee the quality of care and waste lines. As long as the American Kennel Club do not adjust their standards, this new law will cause a lot of grief in the show-ring.

At the heart of the law states that any dog ​​owner must be able to prove that circumcision ears, tail and declawing race became a veterinarian. Thus, when you go down the street and the officer humane society or officer of cruelty to animals to see your Doberman or a boxer with cropped ears and combed tails, you can give a brief offense if you do not have the certificate, which states that a veterinarian will do the job. If the crop / dock was made before this law came into force, it is necessary before the & # 39; help reveal your County kaznachyka about it. In Pennsylvania, you have to pay $ 1.00 for this certificate.

This new law has several problems. It is unclear how this will be solved if you have cropped / docking a dog that you brought out of emergency shelters. There will likely not be available documents, which indicate when the procedure or if it made a veterinarian was done. The law states that you do not fine when the tails and claws of the race will be made within 5 days from the day of birth. If an officer of animal cruelty or humane society officer sees the puppy before they heal, it is considered evidence of violations of the law. If the breeder would do tails and dew claws, a report must be missing. The law does not specify what type of record should be released and that the charges in the short-term disturbances.

Rather than deal with these problems, policies that capture the headlines and look for the photo, we decided to go for the innocent hobby breeders and non-breeders. It spun policy at best. If you are not a big operation for breeding, which brings a lot of money, there is no way to continue breeding dogs. This means that a smaller, more personal and less competitive breeders can no longer produce litters of certain breeds. Good, reputable breeders do not just randomly decide what kind of dog they want to plant. They are involved in breeding Dobermans, boxers, Danish, German pinschers and other circumcised, or related species, because they really love a particular dog and all that is rock.

Many states have adopted similar legislation on this issue. This ultimately eliminates small or exciting breeders. It's really sad.

You accused DUI in Pennsylvania – what to expect next

This article will discuss the process, charges for violation of mandatory obligations should be in the Pennsylvania criminal justice system. All the steps are listed in this article are based on the Pennsylvania rules of criminal procedure and applies only to cases of JUI taking place in Pennsylvania.

You are driving home from dinner with friends and suddenly hear a siren and see flashing lights in the rearview mirror. This scene, or a variant thereof, is repeated in Pennsylvania, thousands of times a year. Most of those who turned out in such a situation – it is not "criminals" who have experience in the criminal justice system, but ordinary citizens who may have made a mistake in opinion or were in the wrong place at the wrong time.

Rule 519 of the Criminal Pennsylvania procedure allows the police to release from custody of persons charged with misdemeanor official responsibility JUI. This means that you should go home and not in prison. Thus, after the police finish the investigation Dui, most people are released and told that they would receive the documents by mail. It can be a very confusing time, because no one knows what to expect. At the time of his release, many questions may remain unanswered. The most common question: "what is happening now?". I will list the next several steps in the process, so you can start planning how you will deal with the situation.

After his release from arrest in Pennsylvania, in accordance with rule 519 police officer leads "criminal complaint" to the local court. The magistrate will send you a package "Agenda", which contains the complaint and a few other pieces of certified mail. Usually this subpoena received from two to six weeks after the release. The agenda usually consists of three points.

Firstly, a criminal complaint, containing a list of charges before the & # 39; phenomenon to you, and "statement of probable cause." This is a brief factual summing up of what, according to a police officer, it happened, and serves as a legal basis for a criminal case.

Secondly, the agenda usually contain Order fingerprints. Pennsylvania law requires that all persons accused of a crime must be fingerprinted. This is usually done in the county jail in the processing of the arrested. However, those who are released from prison in accordance with Rule 519, the prison does not fall and, consequently, do not hand over fingerprints day of the incident. To order, you will need to be fingerprinted at a certain time. In Allegini County, Pennsylvania, most fingerprint produced to the office of the criminal identification in the center of Pittsburgh. If turnout is not a & # 39 appeared at the appointed time, it can lead to a warrant of arrest. It should be noted that some magistrates do not include fingerprints in order agenda, and instead give it to you if you are a & # 39; yavitsesya at a preliminary hearing in front of them. So do not panic if the agenda you will not find each other documents.

Finally, the agenda will include the "Message of the preliminary hearing." Here, the date will be shown, the time and place where your first appearance will take place on the court. Usually this happens in front of a magistrate, who sent a summons to appear in a few weeks. Again, failure to attend will result in what will be a warrant of arrest. In the next article I will talk about what is happening at the preliminary hearing and the following vessels.

Legal claims in Pennsylvania related to storm water on your property

In Pennsylvania, there is a law of surface waters, which is in the judicial practice. That is, a municipality or a property owner is responsible for the damage neighboring land owner, if the original owner or the municipality artificially divert or kanalizue surface water (including storm) on the adjacent property.

Even if no additional about 39 & #; water volume when storm water is drawn, resulting in a higher intensity or concentrated stream, then the responsibility can lead to damage.

The municipality has the right to manage stormwater and protect public health and safety. However, it must balance this with the rights of neighboring landowners.

If the sewer or sewage drain pipes carelessly constructed so that they do not control properly drained, there is liable for damages.

This can be found in Pennsylvania law on the management of storm water (Section 680.13 et seq.) The law requires that a plan was developed for the treatment of runoff water resulting from construction, providing drainage or storm water runoff change.

If the soil as a result of violation of the construction project is large enough, or if the soil is sufficiently close to the breach of the security of the waterway, the resolution and / or control of soil erosion plan must be submitted to the Department of Environmental Protection software.

Thus, it is necessary to know two basic things that may give rise to legal requirements in Pennsylvania regarding storm water. Firstly. if you are engaged in construction related to the large number of soil disturbance or you are in the immediate vicinity of the protected stream or waterway, you should determine if you plan ahead and control of soil erosion is needed. Secondly, if you are a homeowner or the owner of the land, who do you think that the storm or surface water is redirected to your property with a large flow or intensity, then you may have a claim if you have damaged.

Second, if you believe that your property is damaged as a result of any injury to persons, then you should investigate the source of the problem. In the case of the recent construction of a culvert or drainage channel system, you should contact your local government and management of the environment. Find out what kind of project, and should there be a resolution and / or plan for erosion and soil. Even if the resolution or the plan is not required, it can still be a violation of the Law on the management of rain water or the court of law of Pennsylvania, where the diversion of surface waters was carelessly built any other way artificially directs the water to increase the flow, or at your own speed.

In such legal claims may be legal reasons: negligence, breach of harm, inconvenience or violation of the law on the management of rainwater software or the Law on the net flows software. on net flows Act (section 691.1 to the SS). The law "On the net flows" does allow pre & # 39; is a legal requirement for private citizens of pollution released into the waterway. Often it concerns the environmental protection department software or other government action against polluters.

Generally, legal complaint associated with the argument that occurred carelessly showers built sewer channel or system water flow or artificially directed, requires the use of an engineer. This engineer is necessary to inspect and perhaps do research to gather engineering findings to confirm the statement.

Explanation of Pennsylvania explained

Legal custody

If parents have legal custody of their children, which means that they are responsible for making decisions about important things in their lives, such as educational instructions that they receive, religious preferences, any important medical decisions, and where they go to school. If the couple together, they usually make these decisions together, but after the separation, one or both parents can continue to make these decisions.

Couples can jointly share legal custody, or the parents can claim sole legal custody, which would mean that parents would take all these decisions and to inform other parents. The default option is usually a & # 39 is a common legal guardianship. If the parents are often struggling to make decisions, one parent lives far away, or if one parent offends and neglect, the court may decide that one of the parents of most interest to have a single legal custody.

physical custody

If you get physical custody of their children, which means that parents with children living on a daily basis. If parents choose to share the physical time of their children, they can request a "joint physical custody", which means that each parent will have equal time with children. Joint physical custody works in cases where the parents live close to each other, so the children can move between father and maintain school and recreational activities.

If you have more than fifty percent of the time the physical care of children, this father get primary physical custody and the other parent will receive a partial physical custody. Situations in which parents choose such an agreement – this is when one parent lives on. Part of the parent guardian can request alternate visits on weekends and evening for several days during the week with their children.

If one parent most of the time have children and would like to keep this type of care, the father may be granted sole custody of the children. Usually it is given in cases where one parent is considered unfit because of abuse or neglect.


If the parents are separated, they are obliged to support their children as long as the children are not exempt, that is, until the children finish school and do not reach the age of 18 years, what will happen at a later date. Guidelines for the Promotion of Pennsylvania is based on the concept that children of divorced, divorced or never married parents should receive the same proportion of parental income that they received, if the parents lived together. guardianship lawyer will help parents apply for child support on behalf of their children.

Court to determine the amount of aid, which is paid on the basis of the schedule of detention. Parents must pay any additional unpaid costs in proportion to their salary. An experienced lawyer on guardianship in child support can help you in this process.

Interesting and humorous sayings English expressions Pennsylvania Dutch

English as a global language

English with the increasing flow of species, sections and bends are now firmly established in the global language. Currently, she talks like a second or foreign language media more than those who claim it as their first language. Now there are more than three English speakers for each language support, and the number of English speakers has been increasing daily. "There had never before been the language spoken by more people as a second than the first," – said David Crystal, author of "English as a global language." In the area where I grew up in south central Pennsylvania, there is an interesting variety of English spoken by the "Pennsylvania Dutch".

One difficult aspect of the English language in the counties of Dauphin, Lancaster and York, located in south central Pennsylvania, home to a large concentration of Amishav, menonitav and other "gandeytsav Pennsylvania" – a manipulation of grammatical elements of English. Here are a few examples of how to control the grammar and word order in everyday Dutch Pennsylvania. For the "foreigners", for those who are not with the & # 39 is a Pennsylvania Dutch, these expressions of daily speech can Var & # 39; iravatstsa from funny to amazing. Here we consider only some of the many aspects of this version of the English language.

Winding grammatical forms

"Throw down the stairs dad hat".
Explanation: Throw dad hat on a ladder. (I do not care how much he's not dressed relate to the pope!)

"Go out and tie the dog loose, and do not forget to dim the lights."

This expression, in addition to the "German" verbalization uses tortuous grammar. Here the verb "Outen" means "vyvarochvatstsa". The adjective and noun used in reverse order from the other forms of standard English.

"The owner says I'll pay me ten dollars a day, when I eat alone, and only five dollars if he eats me."

Explanation: No, there is no cannibalism! Worker receives ten dollars a day to ensure their own food, but five dollars a day, when the owner must provide the worker with food. (Yes, I & # 39; I am happy that we have cleared that!)

"He had a pretty good person or not?"
Explanation: It is quite a nice person (supplier), is not it? (Form tag question)

Using specialized vocabulary

Adding specialized, but "local" language is also quite often done, as described in these examples.

"I have to put the candy in the clove?" ( "Tooth" – a paper bag.)

Apart from the fact that the father or grandfather of the patient, the child may say:
"Pop-ain so good; it has disappeared, and it is not as good looking in person."

Talking about the difficulties of his son to school, his father could be heard to express the following sentiments:. "My son is not numb This is not a & # 39; t, that he can not learn, it & # 39 ;; s just that after he finds out, he forgets it. "

If you do not say "Pennsylvania Dutch" in one of its many forms, they can just say about you: "You do not do so good you talk so bizarre as the body can & # 39; I do not understand you.".

Speaking about a man who does not read aloud well, for example, at a meeting or at school, people might say something like: "If he gets to read, he was confused."

How about this funny little observation of the speech of another person: "Do not talk so fast, I think it's too much time."

Pennsylvania Dutch proverbs

Some interesting Pennsylvania Dutch proverbs include these suggestions:

"Kissin" bears, prepare don & # 39; t "

"No woman can not be satisfied with less than seven years for cooking"

"Plump wife and a large barn never did anyone any harm"

"Anyone who has a secret, do not dare to tell his wife about it"

"It is too early to work, und too late"

Keystone State

In this region, "Keystone State", like Pennsylvania, manifestavali, this variety is often called "the British firm" by the Dutch citizens of Pennsylvania and the local "foreigners". Known for his frugal lifestyle and natural, deliciously cooked fresh meals, the Amish and other sects contribute to the development of tourism of the state. Hundreds of thousands of visitors come to try crafts, food and "original" language of the ill people. This is another of the many different varieties of English as a global language.

"If you come – exit" If you're back in the area, come. You see, hear and experience the food and the Pennsylvania Dutch for themselves.

Solution of personal injury cases in Pennsylvania

In Pennsylvania, in the case of settlement of juvenile cases, injury, that is, for those who have not reached 18 years of age, it requires the approval of a judge. Pennsylvania Rules of Civil Process 2039 requires that all claims, participating as a member of the minor shall be ordered by a court, which approves a settlement of the case. Rule 2039 (a) provides that "any action to which a minor can not be compromised, settled or dismissed, except following approval by the court in accordance with the application submitted by the guardian of a minor."

Petition – is a legal document in which they asked the court to take action. A parent or legal guardian must apply to the court for minors compromises. This is a legal document that usually must be filed by counsel on your behalf. A petition to inform the Court what the settlement amount, which is considered the case, it will include the relevant medical documents and any legal costs and fees. Father or legal guardian must sign the checks that they consider that the settlement with the & # 39 is a fair and reasonable. The judge then assigns the case to court.

At the hearing the father or legal guardian must be with the child. The Court will examine, first, the settlement will be fair and reasonable. They want to protect the interests of children. The judge will pass a medical card and the current medical condition of the child. The second reason that the court order is required, is that minors can not enter into contracts or agreements, and in Pennsylvania contract signed on behalf of the father of the minor, the minor may be canceled as soon as they turn 18 years old.

Usually, at the hearing the judge will be the father or legal guardian of a minor curse and ask them questions about the medical treatment, the child's condition as an injury has occurred and whether the father understands that the matter is solved finally ..

If the settlement of personal injury minors will be approved by the Court, the judge will require that funds are paid to a minor, received on interest by the FDIC, until the child is 18 years old. Without the funds of the court will not be permitted. Order on the approval (requires mitigating circumstances, such as medical bills or legal emergencies). When it comes to the insurance company that pays the settlement, then the insurer is aware of these rules. You will need to provide them with a court order approving the settlement before they will send the settlement check.