Unique early American furniture – a pie safe


Pie-safe early 1800s was a wooden kitchen cabinet with several narrow shelves, surrounded by built-in doors. The doors were made of various materials, including apertured bank lattice screen or fabric. Although safe cake was made to protect the sweet treats from rodents and insects design allowed to circulate air. Air circulation was indeed random positive feature because it helps to reduce mold growth on stored products. In the absence of modern refrigeration and preservatives for food cooks had no other way to ensure the freshness and safety of their pies.


Standard American pie safe standing on the floor, supported by four legs. However, in the Dutch region of Pennsylvania during the 18th century popular models were popular. It was found that in some Pie Shop vaults from this region have wooden parts with holes, allowing flexibility pieces lie on the floor or hanging. Typically, the doors of the Dutch region of Pennsylvania were made of dishes that demonstrated the unique and interesting patterns. By 1830 Forged products produced quality doors, while the cabinets manufacturers perfected the craft for the production of more durable cabinets. Center for the production of these cabinets was Connecticut.

regional differences

You can define a region of the country, which has been made safe for the pie by type of wood used in construction.

Manufacturers rooms with Carolina and Virginia are commonly used yellow pine.

In Pennsylvania and New England region of soft pine wood was predominant. In Texas pirazhnyya safes are made of Spanish cedar. Products made of cherry and curly maple rare in all regions.


In many lists of antiques in the following list outlines the factors that help determine the value and the value of a piece. However, the value often falls into the eye of the viewer, and the price is worth it. Here is the major determinants of value.

  • age
  • Countries in the region, which produces
  • Construction – For example, the chestnut tree is less common than pine, oak was a rare poplar was normal
  • Construction ornateness doors – detailed pattern of perforated cost will be worth more than solid doors
  • Unique color – painted or unpainted, preferred colors with & # 39 are red, green, golden
  • Origin – can be attributed to & # 39; play to a specific manufacturer or cabinet tinker or character historical values ​​product simultaneously having

prices realized

Entries shopkeepers 1830s show pirazhnyya safes are located between 8.00 and 12.00 dollars.

2013, an American of the 19th century, chestnut tree with eight cans and old red paint, sold at auction for $ 2300.00.

2013 American first half of the 19th century, made of pine poplar, punched tin doors and sides and bottom compartment with a wooden rod, sold at auction 645.00 dollars.


In the last part of the 19th century pirazhnyya safes are manufactured in factories. This is not the unique creations of individual producers cabinets. As soon as the century moves forward, the oak has become a popular wood for making ice boxes in which the ice block was used for food storage. This marks the beginning of the end of the early cooling and storage of products in a safe pan.


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