Internet is governed by a


The Internet or World Wide Web is very regulated.

But you're driving for a walk, do you believe that?

Governments around the world create new legislation for you

favor or have the basic factors that these laws more

beneficial to government and big business?

At first we had a Can-Spam and other laws regulating the sending of unsolicited

commercial email that contains false information on the subject,

or that is sent to invalid e-mail addresses, but for me, my mailbox

still, it seems, is always full of junk mail. How many people have

actually it fined or jailed.

The same can be said about downloading music files from the Internet

avoid rights to the copyright on the author's copies and fees for musicians. there

It seems to have got more people than sites that illegally

provided music downloads.

Search engines have the ability to keep track of all those who do

search and is also registered for the service in the search engine.

If you use AOL search system, as well as use e-mail AOL

account cookies for tracking can track your surfing on the Internet

and this information can be sold for commercial gain and

theoretically gain access to law enforcement agencies.

At Pennsylvania on two cases occurred last week, who accused a

Florida travel promoter and telemarketer to disregard the previous

Prevention of trafficking and nearly 200 Pennsylvania consumers

which was officially registered "no call" in the public list. complaints

received from consumers located in 13 Pennsylvania counties.

Telemarketers firm on the issue of people who have registered their name and phone number in the list of "no call", said:

1. They do not see the name of consumers in the "no call".

2. They followed the package, which sent them by e-mail

the consumer, when in reality they are not sent to the consumer package.

3. They must be typed consumer wrongly, sorry.

The list of "no call" should be verified and theoretically telmarketami

If the name or phone number of registered persons with the & # 39 appeared on

List of computer & # 39; to your computer, which telemarketar was going to call, should be

It is easy enough to move on to the next person.

You can learn more and register your cell or home phone

room with a "do not call" for a period of 5 years.

the registration fee is not provided.

On January 1, 2005 are required telemarkety and sellers

search the registry at least once every 31 days and leave the

their call lists the phone numbers of consumers who have registered. Telemarkety pay fee

to get a list of local, national lists and the US lists, do not call.

List up to five area codes free. The annual fee is forty

dollars for the region code according to the list (five), maximum

annual fee of eleven thousand dollars for the entire US database.

Telemarkera call a person who is on the list without a call

it is the same that send unwanted email. Both are illegal.

Register and purchase a list of free calls are much cheaper

and safer than not to do so.

If you intend to call all your local code

promote your amazing new widget. Do not do so until

you are registered as telemarkera and received a list of

In order not to call people in your area.

If you purchased Leads, which legally must include

date and time stamp, IP-address, etc., that must be met

Laws and acts of government e-mail, you can call

them. But present yourself, your company and product

or service is a clear and honest way, otherwise you can dump the meat

Acts of the plurality of consumers, which also act.

With 911 cases of terrorism on your privacy

Internet, telephone and other forms of communication are maintained

controlled, or at least, the FBI and other law enforcement authorities

agencies can legally press on your phone and intercept your emails.

One piece of legislation, which is being discussed in the Senate

and the House of Representatives "Patriot Act" as a good

Part of this law should be updated at the end of this year.

Sites for updates include sections on computer

hackers, sharing information obtained through Wire Taping, Internet

Service providers transmit customer information and records

In times of potential emergencies and in listening to the police

communication is considered necessary, and judicial decisions in the presence of

possible case of suspicion of terrorism.

The law of patriot (a large selection of name) was created to give

Authorities greater powers in times of terrorism, but they go to the side

further for it!

I believe that this action is necessary in this day and age, when it comes

to threats to national security, but where is your


As consumers, citizens and business owners we all have rights,

The only pity is that there are a small number of fanatics and fools

there who spoil it for the rest of us.

Maybe you have a reliable and safe week.


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