A Brief History of Star Amnisos barn


Exploring the history of Star Amashov, I discovered that there are so many folk as there are facts.

In North America, we have to go back at least 300 years; when a group of religious refugees from Germany migrated to southeastern Pennsylvania for the sake of freedom of religion. Many of the refugees were Amish and Mennonites; men in civilian clothes, and Lutherans, and other reformist groups lighter clothes, called & # 39; people in fashionable clothes & # 39; Since these people have to know & # 39 over time; Pennsylvania Dutch & # 39 ;.

"Fantastic" settlers painted on their barns bright geometric patterns. There were a lot of floral patterns, birds, and so stars, many of them like a blanket. Users assigned to each symbol of certain values. Somehow over time the geometric symbols evolved through Pennsylvania Dutch farmers as & # 39; hex & # 39; signs. They were supposed to bring good luck to the families. Together with a discussion of the hex signs they began a six-pointed star and patterns have become very popular. Since the German word for six is ​​"sechs", that for them the English-speaking neighbors sounded like "Sixteen." Soon the "hex" pattern became widely known as hex signs. They are also called.

Because of the six points in the hexadecimal characters are six-pointed stars soon began, and now they are best known as the star of Amesha Barney. Stars in the barn have changed over the years and they are made of wood, and you can attach them to the threshing floor, or any building that you like. In the & # 39; 70 & # 39; s masters began using roof tiles, which gave the start of a rough finish. After the 1900s, we find the use of thin steel sheets to create these popular garden art. If they are not painted, they turned to the rustic appearance, which has become very popular.

Many believed that the star shed was a symbol of success for the farmers, and still many people who believe in it. Today, many people are simply using them as a popular decorative items in the garden or on the edges of the walls of their homes.

The Pennsylvania Amish barn stars have become very popular after the Civil War. Some stars were aesthetically pleasing, but many times they represented a particular builder barn. First Star Amish barn was three-pointed star, but they have changed over the years. Many of the stars, which were painted on barns, can be dated to the 1850s.

Then folklore was in colors, in which the star was painted, protection, emotions, purity and luck. These colors or folklore of these colors do not have biblical content and influence.


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