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They are known as the tide in his turban. Novelist Diya Das explores the journey of Indian immigrants from the coast of South America, the continent's identity in evolution. Weaves the story as a historical fiction novel is dedicated to a young girl who reveals the roots of his American Indian family tree.

The story unfolds in three places. The main character discovers Californian ancestor, farmer-scientist who participated in the movement of 1917-18 for the acquisition of India's independence from Britain. Then she goes for a swim formed aunt, who had emigrated to Chicago in 1970 to work columnist. Finally, the narrator learns how to & # 39; to combine Indian and American identity, when she visits a Hindu festival in New York.

The novel is full of rich cultural details, thorough historical references and correspond to the literary allusion. Dash & # 39; the study as a result took her to a private journey. Odyssey narrator reflects the difference of the author. Where facts and imagination do not create a complete history, DAS used elements of his own life as an Indian emigrant of the first generation.

about the author

Diya Das was born in India, 24 September 1991. She is currently a senior in college preparatory school Vaominskaga Seminary in Kingston in northeast Pennsylvania. She lives in Wilkes-Barre, Pennsylvania, with his parents.

AP National Scientific Officer and member of the Johns Hopkins University for the study of exceptional talent since 2004. Diya attended the Pennsylvania Governor at the School of Sciences in the summer of 2007. Currently, she & # 39 is co-editor, chief of her school newspaper "Opinatar" and member of the Choral Orchestra and her school. In his free time, Diya figures skating and playing the piano and violin.


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